There is never enough savings for a property investment

Let’s face it, the numbers are intimidating for a new person who is not familiar with the market. With taxes and other factors stacking up, it is no wonder most people do not know where to start.

They make it sound so easy

Yes, experts like to make it sound easy, because they have a cookie cutter solution for all.

At JYD, we do not believe in that.

This is not for people who only want to hear the good stuff.

We believe in sharing the truth.

The pros and cons, not sugar coat and make everyone apply the same strategy to “sell 1 and buy 2” or “decoupling” or how to be the best landlord.

Because everyone is different

Even if two different investor has the same assets and same objective, what they have at hand can drastically change their approach.

What works for you does not work for someone else, we have been there in life, a friendly and constructive comment from you might have a reverse impact on someone else because of their situation.

The reason why we always use the 5 step approach to look at property, is because no two property are alike, EVEN IF THEY ARE NEXT TO EACH OTHER.


Our 5 steps approach to evaluating any property

Our approach is no secret, but without actual material to practice on and without someone experienced to guide, most theoretical “secrets” and “tricks” may be used incorrectly.

This method allowed us to hit more than $200,000 in capital gain and for James to gain trust with his clients that he continously achieves the Top Achiever award month after month, year after year.

Hi, I am James Yeo

“At JYD, we work hard to be partner so that your plans can remain relevant in your journey. As no two properties or goals are alike, we break down your needs and goals into strategic steps, so that you can have a peace of mind when working towards your goals. JYD is lead by James, one of the fastest growing consultant and team, with 22 awards under his belt, as of 2020.”

Here are what our clients have to say

Shaun Tan

James is extremely patient in sharing what he knows about property market in Singapore, and we covered a wide range of topics. The planning process was goal-oriented and James made sure to find out what my goals are before advising on how the analysis should be done. His analysis is very comprehensive and factual, and I have benefited a lot from his sharing. Please look for him if you need any help on property here.

Sheryl Wee

James was recommended to my husband and I by our friends in Nov 2019 while we were in search of a resale flat (we had been searching for about 5 months at that point in time, but to no avail). Fast forward to today, we finally managed to purchase our dream home in Aug 2020 thanks to his dedication and effort.

James was extremely helpful, hardworking and patient with us through the entire house hunting process and brought us to see many different resale units. He always has a really positive and happy demeanour about him which makes him approachable and easy to communicate with.

Though people often feel stress and pressure when searching for their first home, James helped to make this journey a pleasant one for us. He also took the time to understand our requirements and needs and did the necessary research on his own to find units to suit what we wanted. He was very knowledgeable and provided us with all the information we needed to help smoothen the house hunt and buying process.

I would definitely recommend his services to my friends and family and anyone who is looking to buy a place. Thanks James for all your help! We really appreciate it!

Xue Caihong and Jimmy Ng

We have made the right decision to engage James Yeo as our agent to sell our flat. Previously we have engaged Ohmyhome for 3 months but no results yield and a frustrating experience. Their agent leave potential buyer to view our unit alone and we have to do the talking ourselves since there is no agent (we are like the agent). We can sense a lack of enthusiasm from agent and definitely no promotion of our unit. We wasted a good 3 months with very little viewing. With James, it’s very different. Upon posting our unit online, we recd several viewing interests and 3 weeks later, our unit is finally sold. What took ohmyhome 3 months, is only 3 weeks for James. We should have engaged his professional service earlier. He has given us sound advice on how to make our unit more appealing to market and consistently keep us updated on our unit progress, which put us at ease as e know our unit hasn’t been ‘forgotten’. Thumbs up

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